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unique vision

Due North Foods is an owner-operator business, founded on the passion, vision and skills of Pam Sichel-Mearns and based in Kaitaia in the Far North of New Zealand.

natural processes

Pam spent her formative years on a farm in Rustenburg, South Africa, where she was molded by the diverse skills, practicality and resourcefulness of her inspirational mother, Patricia Sichel. She had the interest and ability, uncommon at that time, to explore the traditional foods of friends from a range of local and immigrant cultures, at the same time expanding her own garden to provide the produce needed for this diversity.

When Pam arrived in New Zealand in 1985, she was delighted to discover the favourable Northland climate providing a wealth of fresh, quality produce which now forms the basis of her wide range of traditional as well as exotic and innovative “Afronesian”products. All product lines are personally and lovingly crafted, using small batch methods.

quality produce

Due North Foods has grown from small roots, in a home based commercial kitchen, providing wares for local Farmers’ Markets, to form a thriving small business, which remains true to Pam’s original personal philosophy of crafting the best quality products, from the freshest local produce, using natural, tried and trusted methods with a touch of adventure and innovation.

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